Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3rd Day

Ryan, Gabe, Dave and I (Val) had some great times with students over coffee and lunch today. My friend and I did a prayer walk on campus this afternoon and it was super encouraging. I love these students!! I feel like we're meeting more and more students everyday. Now, we have to just have to be diligent in continuing to pursue these relationships. We also had our BBQ today which in past years was the big recruitment event. However, this year I felt so much pressure released when Ryan reminded me that tonight was just many of the events we planned to meet students at. Unfortunately, I had to work beforehand, but Ryan said the house we had the BBQ at had students coming in and out all night. But mostly it was just nice to hang out with all our student friends. Tomorrow we'll be grabbing pizza with students and then going to a carnival sponsored by the school. This will be the 1st time Ryan and I actually go to this carnival cuz it's so late at night, so we're not sure what to I'm sure however you pray...will really help! :)

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