Monday, September 6, 2010


Tonight is our 1st Bible Study in the dorms. We invited over 20 students, so we'll see what happens. One of our students (Erik) has really stepped up to bat to get this thing going and we're so excited to see him going in there and starting this thing up. 

Prayer Requests
  • Students will show up both Christian and non-Christian alike
  • Erik (student) and Ryan will to lead well
  • Sean (student hosting) will be bold in inviting his friends to come
  • All of us would be able to connect well with students
  • Students will be open to the message

Saturday, September 4, 2010

5th Day

Grabbed some great time with some students over coffee. It has been so encouraging to hear their stories and to hear what God is doing in their lives. Was able to read the Bible with a student and showed her how to do a quite time. Another encouraging moment when was Gabe and I both ended up at the same lunch spot with different student without knowing beforehand. It's really comforting to be reminded that I'm not the only one doing this. So, even though we ate lunch separately, it was really encouraging to see one of my best friends over at the next table engaging with a student for God's glory.

Later that night we had a bonfire over at Fiesta Island and a handful of students came that probably have never opened their Bible up ever. It was so cool to see our students conversing with them and showing the love of Jesus to these new people. Also, just the fact that these new students felt comfortable enough to even show up was awesome! I'm so proud of how all the returning students have been really engaging these new students.

Today we will be doing more tabling at the the tailgating for our 1st football game. Most of us are feeling pretty tired, so please pray that this last activity of the 1st week will really be worth the time and effort. Even if God brought just 1 hungry student to our table today, I would say that it will be worth it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

4th Day

Yesterday and today are going to be more times trying to meet-up with students. Listening to their story, seeing how how they're doing and, Lord's willing, opening up the Bible with them. Last night we went to a carnival on campus put on by the school. It was overwhelming to see the sheer number of students that go to this school. It's like a small city! My friends and I were standing inline for one of the rides and were able to talk to one particular student for 30 minutes or longer. We talked about spiritual things for a little while but then the topic swayed elsewhere. However, for me it was just a great reminder of how confused these students are. Many of them truly are seeking direction, purpose and peace. Please continue praying that we will be able to engage in deep conversations with students more and more as the days go by.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3rd Day

Ryan, Gabe, Dave and I (Val) had some great times with students over coffee and lunch today. My friend and I did a prayer walk on campus this afternoon and it was super encouraging. I love these students!! I feel like we're meeting more and more students everyday. Now, we have to just have to be diligent in continuing to pursue these relationships. We also had our BBQ today which in past years was the big recruitment event. However, this year I felt so much pressure released when Ryan reminded me that tonight was just many of the events we planned to meet students at. Unfortunately, I had to work beforehand, but Ryan said the house we had the BBQ at had students coming in and out all night. But mostly it was just nice to hang out with all our student friends. Tomorrow we'll be grabbing pizza with students and then going to a carnival sponsored by the school. This will be the 1st time Ryan and I actually go to this carnival cuz it's so late at night, so we're not sure what to I'm sure however you pray...will really help! :)