Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Only a few hundred feet, that's how close were to the barge in the bay that shot off the fireworks.For the 4th of July we headed to San Diego, our home, arguably the largest vacation spot in the US right now. We had a really fun road trip with Gabe and Paul, our (brother and brother-in-law respectively). It was pretty sweet.

Once in SD, we grabbed some Woodstocks pizza and chilled. It was really cool to show Gabe around town knowing that this will be his home in just a matter of months. Sometimes I get so excited I just want to show him EVERYTHING. I have learned to love the city and campus God gave us so much that I can't help but want to share it with everyone. I'm so excited to share that same passion for our home with Gabe, my brother and one of my closest friends. My prayer is that my love for the people in SD will grow more and more like Jesus' love for people.

The next day, Krystal, a friend of ours from the ASU ministry drove down with her sister Maxzi from her home in Long Beach. Now that was a blast! We had so much fun just hanging. It was so good to be able to just sit and be ourselves with no agenda or expectations. I met Krystal (now a Sr. in the nursing dept) in a freshman bible study a few years ago. It was my first "go" at leading a bible study and I remember thinking many times what a blessing that study was in my life. It's been awesome to see Krystal and the others girls grow in Christ throughout the years. If anything reminds me why I am in college ministry it's those girls. I'm still close to many of those girls and they "refresh my soul in Christ" everytime I see them.

We hung out at a park for a bit with some of the Molascons. Watching Dave play with his kids, I'm reminded how grateful I am to have him as our campus leader. You learn so much from a person when you see them interact with kids. Dave is such a great dad, he plays with them, treats them with respect, and even disciplines them gently when they're not quite getting it. I can't wait to get to work with him and his family again this fall. My times with his wife Heather last semester were amazing, and I really hope our relationship just continues to blossom. She's an amazing women.

Afterwards a couple students came over, along with our teamate Ann (now newly engaged). I almost forgot how much I enjoy hanging with the students and our teamates. They really have devolved into great friends. God has totally blown me a way with the friendships he's already given me in SD. I think I just needed to step away for a moment to fully appreciate the relationships God has given us. It makes me even more excited to see what other relationships God has in mind for us in SD

Now the fun part. We decided to jump on the trolley to go downtown by the harbor to watch fireworks. It was a first time on the trolley system, so it was pretty exciting. Thankfully our friend Jenelle, an expert in the arena of public transportation, came along. Jenelle's friendship this year has been such a gift from God. Both her and Alison have really made me feel loved and excepted in my new home. So it was even more exciting to hear that she is pursuing an opportunity to join staff with the Navigators over in Maryland. How cool!

Anyways, we walked around the harbor and ended up only a few hundred feet from the barge that was to shoot up the fireworks! We were so close it was amazing. It was, bar none, the best fireworks show of all time. All I could think afterward, was how thankfully I was for the people around me that shared in the experience, and how exciting it is to think of who God will allow me to experience it with next year.

Ryan and I can't wait to continue the work at SDSU this fall. Please continue keeping us in your prayers. Fundraising, as you can imagine, is extremely difficult in this economy. However, we've decided that unless God very bluntly directs us in a other path, we will be back on the campus of SDSU come this fall. We need your help to do that though. Even $10 a month makes a huge difference because no gift is too small. We can't do this without help, so help us to continue building relationships at San Diego for the Kingdom of God.

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