Saturday, February 28, 2009


On Febuary 20-22 300 college students from Arizona, California and Hawaii took time to remember. To remember God and his faithfulness in our lives and the lives of the men and women in the Bible. It was called the Remember Conference and was held 45 min. outside San Diego. It is an annual thing, this being Ryan's 7th conference, and at each one God has used something durning the conference time to grow him more into the likeness of Christ. Knowing the impact of these conferences we rallied some guys and girls from SDSU with us to this conference. Crazy enough, even though one of the students was adamint about not going...God softened his heart, and much to our excitement and surprise he ended up going with us. How cool!

We also led a workshop focusing on scripture memory. During the workshop we shared a ditty like "song" to remember 2 Cor 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone and the new has come." Much to our suprise, on Sunday the conference speaker up front asked Ryan to quote this very scripture. To everyone's delight Ryan turned to the students and 40 voices rang out "singing this verse". It was hilarious, but really cool.

God led Valerie to some sweet, sweet time with girls from both SDSU, and some of the girls she used to meet with at ASU. It's amazing to see God's growth in these young women! What a privilege to be part of their lives. Ryan also had some great bonding time with the guys at SDSU and much to his surprise...his brothers. 2 of Ryan's brothers, and both of Val's brothers came to the conference. What a blessing from God. It was so relaxing and encouraging to spend some time with family, especially now that we hardly see them.

Valerie had prayed that God would grant her time to catch up with all the girls that God had laid on her heart. He did this over abundantly! She had amazing quality conversations with every girl and then some. What an awesome answer to pray. Also, we both felt like we bonded much closer with the students at SDSU and in fact had some of the guys came over last night to play games and they stayed till 1AM! It is really cool to finally begin to get to that compfortability with the students.


Ayeser said...

You two always have the greatest looking/formatted posts, I love it! :-) And awesome news about the conference going well. I'll have to send an e-mail your way about new things in my life --- new condo, for example. See you guys later!

Susan said...

awww, I wish I was there so I could see you! But that's ok! I can visit you soon, right? Just for a day or so...Fridays are usually good for me and Sundays are always good :) So, we'll work out a time, yes?? :)

Susan said...

ah! I posted under the wrong one! Oh no! My computer timed out so I just took the first entry I saw... Well, you know...this one is supposed to be for the AZ entry. Woops.