Saturday, August 2, 2008

Halfway There!

So, we have finally hit the 50% mark! We want to give all the praise and glory and honor to the Lord for helping us to get this far! After all, at one point we were at 0% and now we are at 50%! Only God is able to make this happen!

This whole experience has really caused me to run to God's Word. It has caused me to listen to what He has to say about Himself, and what He would have me learn about Himself. Two things that have really stuck out to me as I have been spending time with Him in His word is that those who trust Him WILL be blessed [Psalm 115] and that He listens to His people and, and hears them [Psalm 116:1,2]. This is huge, because this is the God of the universe who stoops down and actually listens to and hears His people's supplications and voices! This has really encouraged me to pray confidently and earnestly to our God knowing that He IS listening and takes into account my prayers.

This has also reminded me that God is good and that He is sovereign. He will provide for us all the funding that we need in His perfect timing and will also provide for us the housing that we need in San Diego perfectly in His time. All God requires from us is simply, that we are faithful in pursuing fund-raising. But, really, this is all He wants from us in our Christian walk as well. Just be faithful in pursuing Him. That is want what we plan on doing. Just be faithful.

Behind all of this, I am still SUPER excited about getting to San Diego and laboring amongst the college students at SDSU. It will also be very exciting to make new friends with the staff and with the people around there as well!

Please be praying with us:
1. That God provides the next 50% for us by September.
2. That God provides us housing in San Diego.
3. That God would mightily work in the students' lives at SDSU.
4. That God would be preparing Valerie and I for the transition to SDSU.

We love all of you who in our lives and who are supporting us either financially or through prayers, or both! Thank you all for helping us to get so far!

In Christ,

Ryan Buss

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