Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall 2011 Start-up!

Thank you all for your prayers.We had a very successful camping trip this weekend! About 15 people showed up early from summer vacation to join us, which was a major answer to prayer! These students represent the core of students that we will be starting with this Fall.We were able to spend some time in God's Word together, pray together for the upcoming school year, and re-connect after a summer apart. We also got a lot of planning done for events that we will be inviting students to come to. This year is a little bit different than other school years for start-up because Valerie and I are going to be the only staff people on campus. We will be relying heavily on the students that God has blessed us with to come along side and serve with us.

School starts tomorrow! Which means that we will be going onto campus to meet new students and see who Jesus brings into our midst. Please pray for us that God would:
  • protect us from the enemy
  • Give us courage and strength during the next couple of weeks to be intentional with students
  • bring the right amount of new students into our sphere of influence
  • unite our current students in a Spirit of unity and purpose 
We are excited for the new school year to be starting up, but also a little nervous since this will be the first time we are going solo (staff-wise) for a Fall start-up. This is an incredibly important time of the school year because how the next couple of weeks go often determines how the rest of the school year will go. So please keep us in your prayers and ask that God would do BIG things on this campus!

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