Sunday, October 3, 2010

A New Harvest!

Well, a new school year has started and we are on the ground running! What a month it has been so far; exhausting, yet encouraging. Over the summer we had been praying that the Lord would form a community of freshman men and women who love Jesus, want to know Him more intimately, and who desire to share Him with those other students around them.Over the course of this month we have seen the Lord begin to answer those prayers so faithfully! 

It started with one freshman man, who we will call "Tommy", whom the Lord brought through one of our returning students. As we started to get onto campus and recruit students, it became clear that God wanted to use Tommy as a seed from which this little community would grow up. Jesus began to bring us to students who lived in this man's dorm hall, and who wanted to know more about Him. During the first week of school, God gave us open doors into 3 dorms; so we went up with some pizza into those dorms to see whom the Lord would bring us. After that night we all had met just about everyone on all three of those dorm floors where we were at! It was an amazing night of meeting students and planting the seed of the gospel in those dorms. After that, we decided to have our first Bible study in Tommy's dorm. We felt that the Lord was leading us to go through a study called  The Story of God, which follows the redemptive thread of God in Christ through the whole Bible. It was a smashing success! The freshmen loved to talk about all that God had done, and His relationship with human kind. They are learning about the dignity of man because of how God created us in His image, the utter sinfulness and rebellion that we as human  naturally live, and the ridiculous mercy that God shows us all the time! The study has grown from just one man and a couple of women, to a few men and several women, recruited by the students as well as from us. Some know Jesus, and some do not yet know Jesus.

Our desire is to see these freshman men and women come to know Jesus, walk with Him daily, and make Him known in their dorms and lives. God has been so gracious to give us theses students to love and care for, and we are so grateful for the privilege to be sharing the gospel and the Word of God with these students! Even though this last month has been really tiring, we are very encouraged by what Jesus is doing on the campus, and in the lives of these particular students.

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