Monday, August 30, 2010

1st Day

We finished our 1st day of tabling today and God gave us a number of contacts on the guys side! That is so encouraging because it always feels like pulling teeth to get any interest from the male student body. Ryan was also able to take some students to do some evangelizing on campus. So far, this has been a great start, but please keep praying for us. We invited some students to play board games at one of the student's houses, so please pray that we begin to develop our relationships with these new students. Tomorrow will be a big day for tabling, so please also pray that we faithfully pursue each student that walks by our table. So in conclusion...

  • Praise: Tabling went well
  • Praise: Opportunities for the gospel were opened
  • Praise: Guy students signed up for Bible studies
  • Request: God would give us more contacts tomorrow
  • Request: We'd develope relationships with students tonight
  • Request: We'd faithful pursue students tomorrow

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