Sunday, January 3, 2010


I had know idea what a visual person I was until my camera decided to break. Since then, as you've noticed I have had no will whatsoever to blog. For some reason when I read my blog and it has no pictures it bores me to tears. I mean, I read other peoples blogs that don't have pictures and I'm fine with it. However, pictures really inspire me to write. In fact, I frequently put pictures in my QT journal, my Bible study notes and my whole prayer log is filled with pictures of people I pray for. Weird I know, but it is how it is. So...much to my surprise and relief my wonderful brothers decided to give me a new camera for Christmas. Secretly I think it's a way to for Gabe to ensure he will have pictures for his newsletters :). So long story short, I hope to keep you updated more frequently with the work God is doing over here at State (aka SDSU).
PS. I didn't take this picture. Found it on-line but I found it pretty inspiring.

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Susan said...

whoas! I may have to start using more pictures in my blog!! :)

I'm glad you got a new camera!