Thursday, October 8, 2009


Praise God! I (Val) now have jobs teaching gymnastics! Ryan and I crunched the numbers and realized we needed to be working 10hrs a week to keep our budget balanced. Along with all of you, the economy has also hit us pretty hard. We are so grateful for those supporting us though. It is because of you that I only have to work a few hours a week, rather then working 40hrs a week. It is because of you, and God's mercy that I can have the flexibility in my time to love the women on campus more freely, to pray with them, listen to their stories, help them learn to read the Bible for themselves, and to help them learn to tell others about Christ. We are all full-time missionaries in our lives and jobs, but their is something beautiful about being able to be there for the students during times when a typical 9-5 would otherwise not let me. Our God is a God who provides!

I love the women God has put in my life. I facilitate a couple hour long studies in the book of Mark. I know Harvest Bible did a session on this book so if any of you have notes or thoughts on this book feel free to send them over. It brings me so much joy to see these women deeply exploring the Bible at such a young age. These are the wives, co-workers, mothers, leaders, artists, and fellow church members or our future. How awesome it is to be able to touch these lives if even only for a season. I feel completely blessed. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

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Ayeser said...

Grats, Val, this is big news! :-) Also nice to hear how God is continuing to show His goodness to you.