Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Path

Well, today we have to forge a new path for our summer. The previous path for our summer was to...
1) Go to Colorado for a week of training.
2) Go to Arizona to spend a couple weeks updating partners and thanking them for their support.
3)Go to California to help train students at a summer training program (STP) on relationships.
4)Go back to Arizona to meet with potential partners.

Well...our number 3 got blown out of the water.

Today we learned that the number of students attending the STP was far lower then expected. Also, our funding has been a difficult journey and never quite made it to 100% for the year. Because of that, our salary for a month or so has been cut back quite significantly to offset holes in our budget from last year. Because of these two factors we decided instead to go straight back to Arizona to find summer jobs and also to possibly meet with new people to share our vision and need.

This was an incredibly hard decision for both of us. However, we are praying that in the long run this decision will help free us up financially in the fall so we can be completly available to the students at SDSU.

We are completely financially dependent on the financial gifts of family and friends to allow us to minister full time on the campus. Their gifts enable us to be completely available to the students at SDSU with our time and resources. Without their gifts one or both of us will have to take a step back from the ministry in order to get part-time jobs. There is nothing wrong with an outside job, but we know from experience how draining it is on a person, a marriage and a ministry when one's time is pulled between work, marriage, community, and ministry.

We are praying for 38 new monthly partners this summer. Monthly commitments ranging from $10-$500, whatever God lays on one's heart. Would you consider partnering financially with us in the endeavor to proclaim Christ to this next generation? Please click on this link or email us at

Please free us to proclaim Christ to the students at SDSU without financial hindrances!

Please pray for us as we look for temporary summer jobs until we are freed up financially to minister full time with the students at SDSU!

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