Wednesday, May 20, 2009


By Val,

"This isn't real. It'll be hard going back, because here you have people who understand you...who get it and understand what you do." -Kristine Maschhoff

Ryan and I recently got back from our last training (called a summit) as EDGEr's. EDGE is a 1-2 yr commitment to ministering on a college campus with the Navigators. Our EDGE class recently ended it's 2yr commitment with over 70 members (shown at top). I've had mixed feelings about this class because I entered into it a year late. However, out of everyone I talked to regarding how this summit feels, I resonated with Kristine's comment the most. True, unfortunately I did not get time with everyone in my class. However, there was such a sense of camaraderie, acceptance, and partnership. All these people, in some form or another, have experienced the same things concerning college ministry as Ryan and I. Like Ryan and I, they've all experienced the fear of funding, the excitement of starting the semester, the disappointments of students flaking out on you, the hardships of creating community and the heartbreaks that come when you commit to living life alongside these students.

These 70 people created a safe place for me last week. I felt like I had community, friends, a place to belong. many ways it wasn't real. Ryan and I go back to SDSU in a couple months, still struggling to fit in our church, fightning to find community, and inching our way towards true friendships. However, this summit gave me hope. Hope that SDSU can feel that same sense of community through the unitied purpose of advancing the gospel. That we will really be a ministry that picks each other up after falls. That everyone in the minstry will feel a sense of belonging. I pray that for our students....But I guess even more I pray that for Ryan and I. For how can we create community for our students if we ourselves aren't investing in our own community?

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